This article contains the FAQs for the WV410 Series Shark® WANDVAC® POWER PET Cordless Hand Vac. This supports the following product SKUs WV410, WV410BL, WV410BR, WV410GN, WV410PK, WV410PR, and WV410TL.

How do I insert/remove the battery?

To insert, slide the battery into the opening in the handle of the hand vacuum. To remove, press the release tabs on the sides of the battery cap and slide out the battery.

What does a blinking light on the power button mean?

If the power button light is blinking this means that the battery is at low charge. The light will fade in and out when the battery is charging, and dim once the battery is fully charged.

How do I charge my vacuum?

You can charge your Shark® vacuum by placing it on the charging dock. Make sure the charging port near the nozzle opening is properly aligned with the contact pegs on the charging dock.

The battery should take approximately 3.5 hours to reach a full charge.

How long will the battery run, and will I ever need to replace it?

Like all lithium-ion products, your battery will naturally decrease in capacity over time from the 100% capacity of a new battery. At full charge, the unit will run for 20 minutes in Deep Clean mode and 8 minutes in Boost mode.

These runtimes are based on 100% capacity.

Do I have to wait for my battery to fully discharge before I can charge it again?

You do not have to wait for your battery to fully discharge before you can charge it again.

It is recommended that you leave your vacuum on the charging dock after each use to recharge the battery completely. For optimal runtime, always return your vacuum to the dock after each use.

When and how do I clean the filters?

Filters may need to be cleaned if the vacuum stops picking up dirt, if airflow is restricted, or if you notice lighter or no suction. For optimal performance, clean filters regularly. Between cleanings, lightly tap filters over a trash receptacle to remove dust and debris as needed.

Rinse the fabric filter and the dust cup once monthly, or as needed.
• With the dust cup open to 90 °, pull up on the side tabs to tilt up the filter housing.
• Remove the fabric filter by pulling the wire handle.
• Tap the fabric filter clean.
• Reinstall the fabric filter by sliding it back into the mesh filter. Press the filter housing back into place, then close the dust cup.

When and how do I empty the dust cup?

For optimal performance, empty the dust cup each time you vacuum.

• With the power switch off and the hand vacuum positioned over a trash can, slide the dust cup release button (on the bottom of the vacuum) towards you. The dust cup door will drop open.
• Tap gently to empty contents.
• Wipe the dust cup and the filter housing inside lightly with a dry cloth to remove dust and dirt.
• Close the dust cup door, pressing it until it clicks into place.

How do I store my vacuum?

Store the handheld vacuum by inserting the nozzle into the charging dock.
When the nozzle is inserted correctly:
The power button will illuminate and blink steadily
The 3 indicator LEDs will illuminate steadily.
It is recommended that you leave your vacuum on the charging dock after each use to recharge the battery completely. For optimal runtime, always return your vacuum to the dock after each use.

How do I use the different cleaning modes?

This Shark® vacuum has two power settings. Press the power button to enter Deep Clean mode by default. Press the Boost mode button for a burst of suction power. Press the Boost mode button again to return to Deep Clean mode.

How do I attach and remove accessories?

Attach an accessory to the nozzle opening in the hand vacuum and begin cleaning. To detach an accessory from the hand vacuum, slide it off the nozzle.

How do I find the model number of my WANDVAC® vacuum?

The model number is displayed on the vacuum’s rating label, which can be found behind the mesh filter inside the dust cup.

How and when do I adjust the suction?

Use Deep Clean mode for regular cleaning and Boost mode for an extra burst of suction power.

Press the Boost button to enter Boost mode. To return to Deep Clean mode, press the Boost button again.

Why is the dock unstable?

Before use, assemble the charging dock by attaching the accessory stand. Make sure the charging cord fits in the groove on the bottom of the dock and accessory stand. If the cord is not fully inserted in the groove, the dock could be unstable.

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