This article contains the FAQs for the VM200 / VM250 Series Shark VACMOP™ Pro Cordless Hard Floor Mop. This supports the following product SKUs VM200, VM190, VM251, VM252ME and VC250.

How do I assemble my VACMOP?

Insert the pole into the body of the VACMOP until you hear a click. Insert the handle into the top of the pole, until it clicks securely into place. Attach a pad before you get started.

How do I attach a VACMOP pad?
  1. Place the pad flat on the floor with the dirt chamber facing up.
  2. Line up the front of your VACMOP with the outer edge of the pad.
  3. Holding the handle, press the VACMOP" base down onto the pad until both sides click into place.
  4. If the pad does not attach properly, check the clips on the sides of the base, and remove any dirt or grime.
How do I detach a VACMOP pad?

Dispose of dirty pads by releasing them directly into the trash. To detach the pad, press the green release button on the VACMOP base.

When should I replace the pad?

Replace the pad if it becomes fully saturated, its dirt chamber is full, it's noticeably dirty, or if the VACMOP is showing signs of reduced suction power.

Where can I use my VACMOP?

VACMOP can safely be used on all sealed hard floors: stone, hardwood, vinyl, laminate, tile, marble, and linoleum.

Where should I store my VACMOP, cleaning solution, and pads?

Never store the unit with a wet pad attached. To charge your unit easily, store it within reach of an electrical outlet. Store the floor cleaner and pads in easy-to-reach locations away from extreme temperatures.

How should I dispose of my VACMOP pads?

Press the green release button on the VACMOP base to drop the pad directly into the trash.

What is the runtime of the unit?

The Shark VACMOP is designed to handle anything from quick pickups to whole cleaning sessions--just charge it between uses. If it's used for one-off everyday messes or for more mopping than vacuuming, it will last longer on one charge. If your're continously vacuuming, a full charge will last up to 13 minutes.

Is the cleaning solution toxic and what should I do if ingested?

The cleaning solution is 99.5% water and is non-toxic. If ingested, one may experience an upset stomach. Per the Safety Data Sheet for this product, no specific first aid measures are required. Rinse mouth with water. Do not induce vomiting. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. Seek medical attention if in doubt. Emergency intervention should not be needed if it's consumed by a pet.

How long does it take for my VacMop to be fully charged?

It takes approximately 3.5 hours to fully charge.

How do I disassemble my VACMOP?
  1. The VACMOP isn't designed to be disassembled. Don't take the unit apart unless you are returning it or otherwise shipping it.
  2. To remove the handle from the pole, there is a small hole on the back containing a release button closer to the pole. Insert proper size tool, (Paper clip or something similar in diameter but rigid), firmly press button and lift handle to remove.
  3. To remove the pole from the body, there is a small hole containing a release button on the back of the body of the unit. Insert proper size tool, (Paper clip or something similar in diameter but rigid), firmly press button and pull up on the pole with a bit of force to remove. Parts will stay connected via the black electrical wire.
Why is there water/condensation in the tank of my VACMOP?

There may be a small amount of water or condensation in the tank of the VACMOP due to the unit being tested before being sent out.

Can I store the magnetic charger of the VacMop on any metal surface?

Yes that is not a problem, only concern is if the surface is heated or susceptible to damage from a magnet.

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