SV745: FAQ

Applicable on SV745 -- If this occurs, please ensure that the battery is properly inserted in the unit and that the battery is charged. The unit is shipped with the batteries uncharged. Charging of the unit for 16-20 hours prior to first use is required.

Applicable on SV745 -- If this occurs, check the following: *Check if unit needs recharging *Empty and wash the dust cup filter *HEPA or Cloth dust cup filter needs replacing. *Possible blockage in the flexible hose or the floor attachment, remove clog. *Check for any obstruction in the air duct of the dust cup container. Please note that the suction hole must be open and free of any obstructions at all times. Otherwise, the motor will overheat and could become damaged.

Applicable on SV745 -- Empty dust cup if full and make sure that it is installed correctly. Check for any punctures or perforations in your filter and replace immediately.

Applicable on SV745 -- Check the flexible hose and floor attachments for any obstruction and remove immediately. Ensure that your attachments are firmly positioned in place. The suction will diminish when your HEPA or cloth filter is full. Be sure to empty and wash the filters often and replace if necessary.

Applicable on SV745 -- The Dust Cup Filter is washable, however, we recommend that this NOT be done more frequently than once every three (3) months. The filter must be completely dry before using again. We recommend 24 hours to air dry. We recommend using a mild detergent if any of your filters are severely clogged.