This article contains the FAQs for the ZU780 Series Shark® Rotator® Pro Lift-Away®. This supports the following product SKUs ZU780, UV572CCO, ZU782, and ZU785.

How do I assemble the vacuum?
  1. Insert the wand into the nozzle then attach the pod.
  2. Insert wand into the pod.
  3. Connect handle to the wand, pressing until it clicks into place.
  4. Connect hose to the back of the pod, pressing until it clicks into place. For proper operation, ensure all parts are firmly clicked into place.
What happens if I experience small static shocks while I am vacuuming?

Certain dry temperatures in winter or dry desert areas may cause common static electricity to build up in the vacuum, producing small shocks, similar to what you might experience from contact with doorknobs, wool sweaters, or blankets. This is harmless.

How do I use the different cleaning modes?

The Shark vacuum has two surface settings for cleaning: Carpet setting for deep-cleaning carpets, and Hard Floor setting for cleaning hardwood, ceramic tile, or area rugs.

  • Hard floors: Simply press the Carpet/Hard Floor Selector button on the top of the pod below the power button. When the selector light is off, the unit is in Hard Floor mode. To activate the brushrolls, step on the floor nozzle and tilt the handle back. Note that the brushrolls will spin slower in this mode.
  • Carpets: For Carpet mode, press the Carpet/Hard Floor selector button on the top of the pod until the selector light turns on. To activate the brushrolls, step on the floor nozzle and tilt the handle back. Note that the brushrolls will spin faster in this mode. The brushroll indicator light on the floor nozzle will illuminate green when the brushroll is engaged. Note that the headlights will illuminate any time the power is on.
How do I clean above floors?

Lift-Away cleaning mode allows you to clean above-floor areas quickly and efficiently. Press the Lift-Away button to detach the pod, then lift it by the carrying handle on top of the dust cup. Keep the cord out of the way by wrapping it around the upper cord hook. Remove the wand: " To clean with the wand for longer reach, press the Wand Release button, located on top of the pod. Pull up on the vacuum handle to use the wand to detach the wand. Remove the handle: " Detach the handle by pressing the handle release latch on the back of the wand. Cleaning accessories can be attached to either the handle or the wand.

What should I do if my vacuum is hard to push or pull on certain carpets or area rugs?

Ensure your vacuum is on the right floor setting first. Use "Carpet" (light illuminated green) for carpets. Use "Hard Floor," for hard floors and area rugs. Due to the tremendous suction power of the Shark Vacuum, the variable suction feature allows you to adjust the suction level to optimize cleaning on certain surfaces. This feature should be used for cleaning certain high-pile carpets and area rugs, rugs with fringe, or when cleaning delicate fabrics (such as curtains) with your accessories. The suction control is located at the base of the handle. To decrease suction and make it easier to push/pull, slide the control toward MIN. To increase suction, slide toward MAX. 

What if I see hair wrapped around the brushroll?

If you see any hair wrapped around the brushroll, extending cleaning time will assist the self-cleaning brushroll in removing it for you. Continue cleaning in Carpet mode on bare-floor surfaces to allow hair to make its way to the dust cup.

When and how do I clean the filters?
  • Filters may need to be cleaned if the vacuum stops picking up dirt, if airflow is restricted, or if you notice lighter or no suction. Between cleanings, hold filters over the trash and tap lightly to remove dust and debris as needed. Pre-motor foam and felt filters:
  • Rinse the pre-motor filters every 3 months.
  • Remove the dust cup, then take out the filters. -Rinse the filters with water only, and allow them to air-dry completely before reinstalling.
  • Return the filters to their housing, reinstalling the felt filter first, followed by the foam filter. -Reattach the dust cup. Post-motor HEPA filter:
  • Rinse the HEPA filter every 12 months, or as needed. -Press the tab on top of the filter cover and lift off the cover, then remove the HEPA filter.
  • Rinse the filter with water only, then allow it to air-dry completely before reinstalling.
  • When filter is completely dry, reinstall it and reattach the cover. Note: Do not place filters in the dishwasher or washing machine.
How do I open the brushroll garage lid and clean the bristle brushroll?

Slide back both brushroll access buttons on the floor nozzle, and the garage lid will pop open. Carefully clear away any debris with your hands or scissors. Close lid completely before using the vacuum by pressing down firmly on both sides until it clicks into place.

How do I clean the Soft Roller?

To remove the soft brushroll, open the brushroll garage by sliding both release buttons on the floor nozzle. Pull out the soft brushroll by the tab on the right side. If needed, wash the soft brushroll using only water and let it air-dry completely for at least 24 hours. Do not put soft brushroll in the dishwasher or washing machine.

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