This article contains the FAQs for the SV1100 Shark Navigator® Freestyle. 

How long should I charge my machine for?

Charge the machine for 6 hours before your first use. After 3-to-5 charges, your charge time is only 3-6 hours. You will know when the maximum charge has been achieved when you see that both halves of the charging light are illuminated to show a complete oval.

How do I clean my filters?

Remove the dust cup from your machine. You will now see the foam filter underneath. Take that filter out rinse under lukewarm water until the water runs clear. Now squeeze the excess water out of the filter and let it air dry for 24 hours before replacing them. Do NOT operate your unit with a wet filter or without the filter in place.

How do I clear debris from my brush roll?

Ensure you are in a well-lit area and that the machine is turned off. Remove the power head/floor-nozzle by pressing the button on the back of the machine and pulling it the nozzle away from the rest of the machine. You may need a flashlight. Cut away any wound hair with scissors. Before replacing the head/nozzle, check the neck which connects it to the machine for any more blockages.

How long should my battery charge last?

A full charge can last up to 24 minutes on the bare floor setting. The carpet setting can vary depending on the carpets which are being cleaned with an average of 17 minutes.

Why is the max fill line at the half point of my dust cup?

Some air flow is needed inside your dust container to ensure maximum suction.

How do I clear the air hose/neck of my floor brush?

After removing your floor nozzle, flip back the connector to straighten the air passage/hose and carefully remove any hair or debris which may have built up or become logged in. Be careful to not use any sharp objects as these could damage the hose.

The light around my power button is blinking. What does this mean?

Something has jammed in your brush roll. Turn off the machine, remove the floor nozzle and inspect for any blockages to remove.

How do I know if my machine is charging?

Once the charger/AC Adaptor is connected and plugged into an outlet, the indicator light around the power button will turn on in a half-oval shape. When the charging cycle is complete, both halves of the oval will be illuminated.

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