SS460: FAQ

-The cleaning pad is likely too saturated. -Replace with a clean, dry pad.

1-The cleaning pad may be dirty. Replace with a clean pad. 2-Shark Steam & Spray Pro Mop washable cleaning pad was washed with a powder detergent and may be damaged and require replacement. Never use powder detergents. Only use liquid detergent to launder the washable cleaning pad. 3-Shark Steam & Spray Pro Mop may have been left in the same spot for too long with a wet cleaning pad. Never leave the unit with a wet pad in one spot for too long. 4-This may be leftover from past cleaners that were used on the floor surface. Use the Steam Energized Hard Floor Cleaner a few more times and see if the leftover cloudiness is removed. If this does not work, we suggest rinsing the floor with water and letting it dry. One or more rinses generally removes the residue. A more stubborn case may require you to rinse the floor with a mix of one part vinegar to 2 parts water. Then use the Steam Energized Hard Floor Cleaner again with a clean pad.

Consumption / Usage: Use as necessary

Consumption / Usage: Replace after 20 washes

Change the cleaning pad frequently for best results.

No. Always vaccum/sweep floors before cleaning.

-We recommend washing the cleaning pad separate from other fabrics to avoid picking up lint. -Only use liquid detergent (no powder detergent). -Do not use any fabric softeners or bleach. Line dry or dry on a low dryer setting.

-Remove any cleaning pads from the bottom of the Steam Head or the Spray Head. -Empty any water that is left in the water reservoir of the Steam Head. -Remove the batteries from the main unit.

-Are they using the cord clip? Use cord clip