SC618 Series Shark® Steam Bottle FAQs

The force and heat of the steam may adversely affect certain materials. Always check the suitability of using the steam cleaner on a surface by carrying out a preliminary test on a hidden area. Examples for guidance only: - Varnished wood or glossy leather can be bleached by the effects of steam. - Shiny plastic materials risk being tarnished. - Acrylic, velvets and linen are very sensitive to the temperature of steam. The manufacturer accepts no responsibility for damage caused to objects, materials, animals or persons due to the inappropriate use of steam, and through ignoring the advice and recommendations set down in the Owner's Manual.

High temperature steam can make it easier to remove stubborn household dirt from hard surfaces such as ovens, stove tops, kitchen counters, sinks, tubs, bathroom tiles, windows and mirrors without the need for harsh chemical cleaners. The appliance has various attachments which enable it to be used for cleaning different types of surfaces such as: 1. Upholstery, sealed grout, bathroom/kitchen tile, stovetops. 2. Easily cleans difficult to reach areas with the concentrator such as faucets, etc. 3. Ideal for windows, mirrors, glass doors, etc. 4. Refreshes fabrics, window coverings, pillows, bedding etc. 5. Hard surface areas such as counters, sinks, shower door tracks, etc.