S4701 Series FAQs

-DO NOT add cleaning solutions, scented perfumes, oils, or any other chemicals to the water used in this appliance as this may damage the unit or make it unsafe for use. We recommend using distilled water in your Steam Mop.

No, the Steam Mop is not designed for carpet cleaning.

To deploy the Stain Scrubber, slide the Engage Scrubber/Release Head Button all the way down until you hear a click. The Stain Scrubber will automatically pop into position. Lift the Mop Body off the Mop Head and place it on the floor to start scrubbing.

Re-dock the Mop Body onto the Mop Head and the Stain Scrubber will automatically retract.

The Stain Scrubber is designed to be safe on all sealed floors, but it is always recommended to test an isolated area of the surface to be cleaned before proceeding.

-The Steam Mop is designed for use on all sealed hard-floor surfaces. We recommend that you first test an isolated area of the floor surface to be cleaned as well as review the use and care instructions from your floor manufacturer. -WARNING: Do not use on leather, wax-polished furniture, synthetic fabrics, velvet, or other delicate, steam-sensitive materials. -NOTE: On surfaces treated with wax and on some no-wax floors, the sheen may be removed by the heat or steam action of the unit. Test an isolated area of flooring first to see if sheen is affected.