While attaching power head with the main unit. We can either attach it keeping neck of the power head 90 degrees (pointed) up or lie down on the unit’s front and make neck 180 degrees and then attach it. Keep the suction hose to the side or attach it prior the installing the head to prevent the hose from interfering with the rear wheel of the head.

1. Make sure customer is using the unit on “II Brush Roll” position. And if using it on Bare floors, “I On” Position. 2. We also need to ask the customer: “Is it blowing the dirt around or along the floor in front of the unit? 3. If the customer says yes then suggest the customer, "“Please try changing angle of the vacuum, a steeper angle pointed towards the ceiling, less vertical." (This will eliminate the chance that the motor’s exhaust is the cause of the dirt being blown forward).

Back wheels are not replaceable. The entire power nozzle will be sent to the customer.

1. We need to ask customer to turn the unit off and inspect the power head for the visible obstructions and remove them and then turn the unit on again. If there are no visible obstructions and the light is still red, we will not to ask them to inspect/replace the belt. 2. We will do CALL TAG TO ALABAMA for the Power Nozzle where the customer's power nozzle will be picked up and we will send a new power nozzle to the customer. Customer might say that the light is Red but I can hear motor running, still we need to do CALL TAG TO ALABAMA

1. Crevice tools have holes. It is an engineering design. 2. In case customer wants to increase suction from the crevice tool then he can cover one or both the holes to do the increase the suction however the suction is still strong enough to pick up without covering the holes.

1. Release the unit from the upright/locked position (90 degree). 2. Using the unit on “"II" Brush Roll” position.

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