KD400 Series Shark® Sonic Duo® Hard Floor Cleaner: FAQs

Can I keep the pad on when not in use?

Yes, but when leaving the cleaning pad on the system, it should be stored upright on storage tray. If it’s not placed on the storage tray while damp or wet, it may damage the floor.

Can I leave the bottle with cleaning solution in the Sonic Duo?

Yes, you can. This will not present a problem.

How can I polish around edges or on detailing trim?

To polish around edges or trim, we recommend using the Scrub Duster with the Polish Detail Pad. Just attach the pad, extend the wand and polish all of your hard-to-reach areas with ease.

How do I clean my reusable cleaning pads?

All cleaning pads are machine washable with liquid detergent only. Low dry setting only. Polish pad must be rinsed immediately after use/before being placed in washing machine with other cleaning pads.

How do I know if/when solution is coming out of nozzle?

You will hear an indicating sound while holding the spray button down. If you want to be doubly certain, you can lay a sheet of white paper down in front of the machine when spraying.

How do I lock the handle into place?

The word "front" must be facing away from power cord on body, push the handle firmly into Sonic Duo body, listen for a single audible click, handle will then sit flush with body.

How do I remove the bottle from Sonic Duo housing?

Twist the bottle and pull straight up.

How do I remove the handle?

On the back of the Sonic Duo, underneath the bottom cord wrap, there is a small hole containing a release button. Insert proper size tool (paperclip or something similar in diameter but rigid), firmly press the button and lift the handle to remove.

How much does it weigh?

5 pounds without solution.

Is it safe for my family and pets?

Cleaning solutions are non-toxic and are as gentle as hand soap. Both cleaners and polish are biodegradable and solvent free.

What is “Air Glide Maneuverability”?

"You can steer with just two fingers". It is when the dual scrubbing action combined with the cleaning pads gives a push/pull feeling, similar to an air hockey table, when used on hard floor and carpets.

What is the best way to apply polish?

Use 28oz per 425 sq. ft. Do not buff polish into floor, there should be an even layer spread across floor (almost like painting)

What is the cord length on the Sonic Duo?

Depending on the model # it varies from 20-30 feet.

What is the cure time on the polish?

While a minimum of one to two hours is required before any minimal contact, we recommend up to 48 hours for it to completely dry.

What is the proper cleaning agent to water ratio? (Hard Floor)

1:7 for general cleaning. Always remember to fill container with water first, then your solution. This will prevent foaming.

What pads should I use with different solutions?

All pads and solutions are color coded: Green for hard floor cleaner, orange for hard floor polish.

What type of flooring can it be used on?

Hardwood, tile, stone, marble, laminate, linoleum - Polish is not to be used on pre-treated hard floor surfaces or laminate flooring.

When should I replace my pads?

Pads are machine washable, however you should replace every 3 months or 20 washes.

Why is my bottle leaking solution when removing?

When removing the bottle there will be cleaning solution left in the housing. This is a design feature, not a flaw. Also always make sure the "duck bill" valve inside the cap is securely fastened.

Why is the polish tag in the middle of the pad?

This is a design feature. If the tag was positioned on the edge of pad this would result in a streaky finish.