This article contains the FAQs for the HV320 Series Shark® Rocket® DeluxePro. This supports the following product SKUs HV320, HV320C, HV320W, HV321, HV321C, HV322, HV322BRN, HV322Q, HV322QBK, HV322QBL, HV322QF, HV322QGN, HV323, HV324Q, HV324QBK, HV324QBL, HV324QCB, HV324QF, HV325, UV330, UV422, UV422CCO, UV425CCO, HV370, HV370C, HV371, HV343AMZ, HV372, QS371QBK, QS371QBL, QS371QGN, and QS371QRW .

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