This article contains the FAQs for the HV320 Series Shark® Rocket® DeluxePro. This supports the following product SKUs HV320, HV320C, HV320W, HV321, HV321C, HV322, HV322BRN, HV322Q, HV322QBK, HV322QBL, HV322QF, HV322QGN, HV323, HV324Q, HV324QBK, HV324QBL, HV324QCB, HV324QF, HV325, UV330, UV422, UV422CCO, UV425CCO, HV370, HV371, and HV372.

What other accessories are available for use with the Ultra-Light Upright?

There are a variety of new cleaning accessories available for use with your Ultra-Light Upright. Whether you are looking for accessories to help you dust, clean pet hair, access hard to reach areas, clean hard floor surfaces or for specialized cleaning, there is an option here for you. To see the full assortment, go to We have a selection of dusting brushes in a variety of sizes and shapes - our multi-angle dusting brush pivots to clean at any angle, our multi-tool converts from a dusting brush to an upholstery tool. We have pet hair cleaning tools like our powerful motorized hand tool, which grabs pet hair, allergens, dust and other debris from deep inside upholstery and pillows. We offer crevice tools in a variety of lengths, plus our hard floor attachment, the Hard Floor Genie", with a washable micro-fiber pad or an appliance wand that cleans under and behind hard-to-move appliances, furniture or any tight area. Lastly, we have some specialized tools like our popular home and car detailing kit, which lets you clean computer keyboards, car vents or any tiny spaces.

What should I do if the I notice a change of suction?

If you should detect a change of suction in your vacuum, you should first check to make sure your filters are clean. Start by opening the dust cup and locating the screen or mesh filter inside. Ensure that all dirt, debris and hair is removed from that screen. Next, remove the filters and knock all dirt and dust loose. You may want to do this outside. Now, replace your filters and close the dust cup. Test the vacuum's suction against your hand. If the filters are clean, but suction continues to fail, this may indicate that you have a clog between the wand and the floor brush. First, you'll want to remove and inspect the wand to make sure there are no obstructions. Next, check the floor nozzle to make sure there are no blockages in the airpath or that there is not excess hair or fibers around the brushroll. Lastly, check all dust cup intake openings to make sure they're clear. Once you remove any obstructions, you should be good as new to start cleaning again.

What should I do if the brush roll stops spinning?

If the brushroll indicator light on the floor nozzle turns red, the brush roll has stopped spinning. Immediately turn off and unplug the vacuum, disconnect the nozzle and remove blockage before reconnecting and turning vacuum back on. If the brushroll indicator light is green, the blockage has been successfully cleared. If the light is still red, please contact customer service at 800.798.7398 for further assistance.

How do I empty the dust cup?

There are 2 easy ways to empty the dust cup. Make sure the unit is unplugged first. Then remove the dust cup by squeezing the 2 "Dust Cup Release" latches on both sides of the dust cup base and pulling it straight out. Place the rest of the vacuum on the floor. Hold the dust cup over the trash and press the bottom door release button on the front to empty. To reattach, insert the dust cup straight back into the hand vac. Or, separate the hand vac from the rest of the vacuum by pressing the wand release button. Next, hold the dust cup over the trash and press the bottom door release button on the front. Tap gently to empty contents or wipe clean with a soft cloth. Press the door shut again until it clicks. The dust cup should be emptied each time you vacuum and when the dust cup appears full, or for optimal performance, when it reaches the max fill line.

How often should I wash the filters?

We recommend every month. To wash, simply remove the filter lid, remove the foam and felt filters underneath, wash both with tap water until the water runs clean, then air dry completely and replace back into your vacuum. You can also tap loose dirt off filters between washes as needed. It is important to note that your foam filters may appear dirty after first use " this is normal. These filters will discolor over time " this is also normal. Extra filters are available on if you want to purchase a "spare" set to keep on hand, but the good news is that these filters will last the lifetime of the vacuum.

What should I do if the vacuum shuts off on its own?

This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a motor protective thermostat. If for some reason your vacuum overheats, the thermostat will automatically turn the unit off. Should this occur, perform the following steps to restart the motor thermostat:

  1. Turn the unit off
  2. Unplug the vacuum
  3. Empty the dust cup and clean the filters
  4. Check for blockages in tube, accessories and inlet openings
  5. Allow the unit to cool for a minimum of 30 minutes
  6. Plug in the vacuum
  7. Restart the unit by turning the power on
What is the story and technology behind "Never Loses Suction"?

Never Loses Suction is an advanced cyclonic technology that separates fine dirt from the air, preventing dirt from clogging the filters and keeping suction power strong over time. The vacuum maintains its suction power so you never lose cleaning power.

What is the total cord length?

30' feet

How do I find the model # of my vacuum?

The Model Number is displayed on the product's rating label, which can be found on the handheld portion, below the handle.

What is the weight of the vacuum?

Under 8 lbs

What are the dimensions of the vacuum?

47.5" high x 10.25" wide x 13" deep

The vacuum is available in what colors?

Lavender and Burgundy

Where is the product manufactured?

The is manufactured by our high-quality vacuum manufacturing partners in China.

What is the Warranty Coverage?

5 years

Will the lights burn out?

The LED lights in the nozzle and hand vac should not burn out.

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