HV166: FAQ

Applicable for HV166 & EP366 -- This unit is equipped with a motor protective thermostat. If for some reason the vacuum cleaner should overheat, the thermostat will automatically turn the unit off. Should this occur, unplug the vacuum cleaner from the wall outlet and turn off switch. Remove dust cup and empty. Clean dust cup filter. Allow the unit to cool for approximately 1 hour. To restart, re-plug into wall outlet and turn switch back on.

Applicable on HV166 & EP366 -- If this occurs, check the following: Empty and wash the dust cup filter. HEPA or Cloth dust cup filter need replacing. Possible blockage in the flexible hose or the floor attachment, remove clog. Check for any obstruction in the air duct of the dust cup container.

Applicable on HV166 & EP366 -- Check for and remove any obstructions from the rotating brush, the hose or the neck of the turbo brush. If there was an obstruction in either of the area, the belt may have broken, in this case the turbo brush must be replaced. Emptying and cleaning of the HEPA or cloth filter is also recommended.

Applicable on HV166 & EP366 -- Empty dust cup if full and make sure that it is installed correctly. Check for any puncture or perforations in your filter and replace immediately.

Applicable on HV166 & EP366 -- Check the flexible hose and floor attachments for any obstruction and remove immediately. Ensure that your attachment is firmly positioned in place. The suction will diminish when the filters are full. Be sure to empty and wash the filters often and replace if necessary.